Large Display Menorah with Auto Lighting - 44'' Tall


Large Electric Menorah, measures 44" Tall (Almost 4'), and 29" wide. The base plate is made of solid steel, the body is made of aluminum to give it plenty of balance, the Menorah will NOT tilt over.  4 Industrial grade suction cups on the base plate give it extra balance and grip. 
Great for Banks, Schools, businesses, this Menorah will be a breeze to operate and store for future years to come.

  • Stunningly sleek yet traditional style
  • Perfect size, good for floor standing or raised on a pedestal
  • Balanced, this Menorah will not fall over
  • 9 Stunning Chimney style LED bulbs to simulate real flames Included
  • 3 screw assembly, Tool included 

Automatic Lighting sequence:

Advanced control option come standard with this Menorah. Auto-setting will light the next candle each night at the same time. 

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