6' Outdoor Lawn Menorah Display

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SKU FG70301

This commercial-quality lighted piece will transform your lawn into a seasonal masterpiece. Created by the same specialists who decorate city boulevards. 
The unique design is attractive even by day.
Manufactured to the highest quality standards with UL-listed outdoor electrical components. Lamps are carefully spaced for the best possible visual effect. Please note, this is not a Menorah which you can light a candle each night, this is a Display, you plug it in, and the whole Menorah lights up.

  • Comes with a special "Heavy Weather" limited warranty
  • Size: 6' X 3'
  • Weighs 56 lbs

Please note: display make take up to 2 weeks to ship, in some case more, as these are created as the orders come in. If you are pressed for time, please give us a call before ordering, so we can check the timing.

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