Frequently Asked Questions

I am sending this as a gift. Can I add a gift message, and will the recipient see the price?

You can add a gift message at checkout, which will be included in the order. The price will not be on the packing slip.

I run a small gift shop at my local Synagogue, do you sell wholesale?

We currently only sell retail.

Where do you ship out of?

We ship out of N.J. 

How Do you Play The Dreidel Game?
  • Everyone begins with an equal number of pennies, chips-poker or chocolate.
  • Everyone puts a penny in the center.
  • The youngest player goes first by spinning the Dreidel. The letter facing up tells what to do.
  • The one with the most pennies at then end of the game wins. When there's no money left, start the game again.
  • Nun - Do nothing, Next player goes. Gimel - Take all the money! Hey - Take half the money. Shin - Pay in two pennies
9 Branch Menorah or 7 Branch Menorah? Which one should I get?

The 9 Branch Menorah is the one we use on Hanukkah. The 7 Branch Menorah was used in the Temple and is considered the symbol of Judaism.