8 foot tall Inflatable Display Menorah


8 foot tall Inflatable Display Menorah

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This 8 foot tall Inflatable Menorah lawn display comes complete with fan for quick and easy inflation. Menorah also comes with lights for a beautifull display both day and night. Stakes and tie downs are also included Share your holiday joy and wish all your friends Happy Chanukka with this large outdoor display menorah

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The menorah is a symbol recognized worldwide and is closely associated with the holiday of Hanukkah. In today's society menorahs are displayed during this holiday season in many areas. From shopping malls to community events, from homes to synagogues you can find menorahs in many sizes made from many different materials. Holiday Menorah offers a great way to make the statement. Holiday Menorah offers this 9 candle inflatable menorah that stands 8' feet tall and is a great display piece for anywhere from your front yard to the front of a store. This symbolic Chanukah inflatable will draw attention and offers something everyone can enjoy. This specific menorah has been used for commercial and residential viewing indoors and outdoors, and comes complete with a UL approved blower motor and a master carton for easy storage till the next holiday season.
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