Decorative Chimney Bulb

Our Menorahs use any standard light bulb. However, aside from being weatherproof (nylon threaded glass) the chimney bulb comes highly recommended for indoor and outdoor use. It is 6 inches high, beautifully styled, very bright and has a life of 1500 hours. It is, we think, the perfect bulb for our Menorah.

Candle Conversion Kit

If you are planning a public celebration around the Menorah, you may wish to light the Menorah with candles. The candle conversion kit is the answer. It is a glass chimney in a brass holder attached to a Lucite rod which easily screws into the place of the light bulb. This is perfect for indoor celebrations, and can work beautifully outdoors as long as there is no wind. Simply unscrew the bulb and screw in the candle kit. After the celebration you may remove the candle and return the bulb.


The menorah comes with an 8 x 8-inch base plate complete with 4 holes and screws. This plate should be attached to a heavier base in one of two ways.

Option A. the inexpensive option. Cover a 1 inch thick 2 ' x 3 ' piece of plywood with indoor/outdoor carpet. Attach it to the base with the included screws.

Option B. Our new powder-coated aluminum base painted to match the menorah with special suction cups for easy mounting on any smooth surface. Cost $250.00

Ground Insert

The Menorah can be set on either one of the 2 base options above. However, if the Menorah will be placed on a lawn, our ground insert is the perfect mount.

The ground insert unit is comprised of 2 pieces. A 2 1/2 foot ABS pipe and an aluminum insert. The pipe goes into the ground, and the aluminum insert slides into the pipe. The base-mount is then attached to the insert with the included screws.

When assembled, the Menorah appears to come right out of the ground.